Sisters and Brothers,

For those of you who have not heard, we lost our beloved sister, Andrea “Drea” Bush, after her battle with  cancer, on Friday, November 13, 2020.  Anyone who knew Drea, knew she was a fighter and fight she did.

But, Drea was very private about her illness, never wanting anyone fussing over her… was always: I’ll be fine, stop worrying, I can work, one day at a time….until there was no time.

Dre was passionate about her family, especially her nephew, Zachary…”LIL DUDE”, with which she had a very special bond. We all “watched” as he grew into a young man, who she was most proud of.

Andrea spent 12 years serving her country honorably and proudly in the U.S.Navy, before her discharge to care for her ailing mother. Bad for the Navy, good for us…..she then became a Court Officer in 1993 and the rest is history.

Personally, I’m having a hard time writing this for my sister and friend, so I’ve asked some of the people who knew her best, her coworkers and friends, to memorialize her in their own words:

If she loved you, SHE LOVED YOU, large in stature and larger personality, infectious smile, straight shooter, heart of gold, frank with no filter, dedicated to service; country first then courts, great teacher and leader, unapologetically honest, fiercely independent and strong, brave to the end, passionate about family/friends, a heart as tall as she was, U.S. Open, fun; tough exterior with a huge and caring heart, always happy and laughing, great listener, my golden girl, Jack Daniels, when Drea spoke…people listened; public, staff and judges, tough with a soft side, all around beautiful person, hard core love, well read and well traveled, obsessive video gamer, always had your back, tough exterior guarded a huge heart, strong; funny;caring, tough; authoritative;but caring and kind, Bronx Courts Royalty, gave sound advice, fun to be around, always had a smile on her face, hard on the outside;soft on the inside, professional in appearance and job functions, dependable, loyal and caring to family and friends, no nonsense exterior, sweetest person when you got to know her, kind hearted, helpful and encouraging, more than a coworker; sister and friend, prankster/jokester with an amazing sense of humor, hilariously blunt and honest, mentor to new officers, tough, a woman who served her country honorably and took care of her family, private, stubborn, hard on the outside;soft on the inside, no words will express what she meant to us……As rookies, we became fellow officers, but more importantly, we became  FRIENDS

As you can see from the many caring words that were repeated over and over, Andrea Bush was the truest of the true. If you knew Drea, you knew all these things about her. She was a wonderful person, taken away too soon. She has left many, many behind whose hearts are broken, but each with great memories of her as an officer and friend.  YOU ARE A HUGE LOSS TO US, TRULY MISSED AND NOT FORGOTTEN!!!! 

Andrea will have a private ceremony, followed by cremation. There will be a memorial given by her family in January, around her birthday, which will be posted.

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  1. May God grants her soul an
    eternal peaceful place in heaven. Death is a debt we all have to pay.