IMPORTANT: Message regarding the scholarships

Post Published on July 24, 2015

Brothers and Sisters,

I would just like to clear up a few things that people have approached me about regarding the Scholarships. We will be giving away two(2) $250.00 Scholarships from the Lodge itself.  Additionally, we are currently running two(2) raffles to raise extra money for one, possibly two more scholarships. The raffles are the traditional cash prize, like a 50/50, but instead of one winner, we will be having two.  Hence, Share the Wealth.


As far as the Scholarships go, I would like to clear up some confusion amongst the members as to who is eligible. At our meeting in May, the Board voted that applications be open to the children of all members in good standing. This includes Grammar, Middle, H.S. or College.  Who can’t use an additional $250.00 for incidentals??  Information and applications are downloadable from our website.

Please Support Your Fellow Officers and Families by buying Raffles…Thank you

Flo Coen-Lahoz