Information on the Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act (LEOSA)

For more information, please feel free to contact the National Legislative Office at (202) 547-8189 or via e-mail. 

Any court officer retired after one year of their firearm qualification, will want to take advantage of their HR 218 status, (taking their personal firearms to any USA soil, including Puerto Rico), and re-qualify at the Rockland Police Firearm Range Training Academy for $50.

FOP also offers HR 218 legal representation for $50 per year. For example, you’re in Texas in the process of defending yourself, you shoot a perpetrator. Now you have to go to court in Texas to be justified. That’s when your use your FOP legal services.

To take your personal firearm onto a commercial airline, this is what you need to comply with TSA regulations:

You need TWO of these boxes:

Pelican 1120 Case

imageBox number one will contain an unloaded firearm with trigger lock.

The second box will contain your empty magazines and one original box of 50 rounds.

Brinks Home Security 1-9/16 in. (40 mm) Solid Brass Keyed Lock (4 pack)

You will also need 4 padlocks with the same key:


Each box needs two padlocks.

For reassurance, go to the airport port authority police a few days before you fly and show them what you have so that they can let you know if you are in compliance with the rules and regulation of transporting your weapon on the airline.

On the day you’re flying, when you go to your check-in counter, you tell the Airline employee that you are declaring your weapon, they will notify the port authority police to check your ID and your two boxes.

After they are satisfied that everything is in compliance, you would lock everything up including your bag, and the officer and a TSA employee will escort your baggage personally to your plane.

Now for the scary news…

When you arrive at your destination, immediately go to Baggage Claim as anyone can pick up your baggage and walk away with your gun!!!!

P.S. Be advised the required ID cards you will need are your licensed Firearms ID card and your Law Enforcement Retirement ID card.

The HR 218 re-qualification ID is only needed for traveling on any USA soil. If you get involved in a shooting situation and you did not qualify through an HR 218 course; you are liable to be sued civilly.

Be advised, you are responsible to know what type of ammo is allowed in the state you are traveling. The majority of the states allow full metal jacket, not hollow-point.  For example, in New Jersey if you get caught with hollow-point bullets, you will be fined $1000 for each bullet, they don’t care if you’re retired or active duty law enforcement unless you are assigned there on official business.

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