Good morning Brothers and Sisters!

The Board of Trustees of the Fraternal Order of Police has approved a great new benefit for our members and their families. FREE COLLEGE!

Members of the FOP and their spouse, their children and their grandchildren can earn a community college education online, simply as a benefit of membership in the Fraternal Order of Police. There is no cost, and no need to dig out of your own pocket to enroll online in Eastern Gateway Community College, a public, non-profit college in Ohio. Your academy training and law enforcement training may qualify for credits as well!

You can get more information, and even enroll in EGCC through the FOP’s Free College Benefit, at Interested students must complete an application to EGCC, as well as submit the Free Application for Federal Student aid and apply any grants to the tuition and fees charged by EGCC. The next quarter at Eastern Gateway Community College begins on January 17th with an enrollment deadline of January 10th, so do not wait too long to take advantage of this great new benefit!

Please go to and share the post about this tremendous benefit. Please also share this email with your FOP Brothers and Sisters and with your law enforcement contacts to help spread the word about this great new benefit of membership.

We hope this new benefit of membership helps our local lodges attract new members and reward our existing members. This is just one more reason to be a member of the best law enforcement organization in the country!

Chuck Canterbury

President, National Fraternal Order of Police