FOP Data Breach – Message to the Membership

Post Published on February 1, 2016

This is an email sent at the request of the National President Chuck Canterbury.  

Brothers and Sisters,

We have learned that our data system has been hacked by an unknown individual or group. It appears to have originated outside of the United States. The data breach is a complete breach of our data including names and addresses of members as well as date of births and phone numbers.  We do not collect Social Security information so that was obviously not available to the hackers.   

We recommend that all members head the following advice:

FOP members should immediately stop using their FOP password and change the password on any business/personal accounts in which that password is reused. 

FOP members should monitor their credit reports, financial, and tax statements for any unusual activity.

FOP members should take steps to secure/remove information about themselves and their family online, which could be used to draw connections with the compromised data to more effectively target victims with malicious activity. 

The Executive Board has meet and we have authorized our Information Technology team and outside consultants to take whatever steps are needed to get the system back up and secure.

Thank you,

Chuck Canterbury,

National President