Sisters and Brothers,
We hope all our members and their families had a beautiful Easter/Passover holiday.
With the continuance of COVID 19 still in our midst, we pray that we as a whole are taking every step necessary to stay safe and healthy. Our thoughts and prayers are and have always been with any member or family who have been affected by this horrendous virus.
We have an update regarding our Brother, Darrell Cross, from his wife yesterday…. Please keep him in your prayers ???
“Good morning,
Happy Resurrection Sunday.
Wanted to give you an update.
Darrell is completely out of the coma but is unable to come off of the ventilator because he  still can’t breathe on his own. The medical team want to put in a trach today. This is the best option for now. Staying positive.?? Praying constantly.”
Stay Strong and Safe everyone!!!
We will get through this.