Sisters and Brothers,

We are living in a world of the unknown and being asked to live our lives in a way that we’ve never seen before.  There are many different viewpoints by many different people as to how the Corona Virus came to be, but in the long run, we ask that everyone follow the procedures in place and please stay safe and healthy.

We are sending prayers to our Brother Sgt. Darrell Cross, Bronx Civil/Housing Court who has been hospitalized with severe breathing problems.  Our thoughts and prayers are with anyone who is currently suffering from symptoms of COVID-19.  We hope each day brings everyone closer to a full and speedy recovery.

We would like to send out our SINCERE THANKS to our members and their families and friends who are on the front line of this pandemic and wish them a safe road ahead.



  1. Praying for my old friend Darryl. Hope he recovers soon.

    • My prayers go out to Darryl & his Family on this tough times…may God Bless him & keep him strong & safe! ?