Brothers & Sisters,

The Grand Lodge FOP will act in accordance with the wishes of the states based upon a 2/3 majority vote to issue an endorsement of a particular candidate or to issue no endorsement.  

Both campaigns were provided with a presidential screening questionnaire developed with the cooperation of the National Legislative Office.

The Trump for President campaign returned a completed questionnaire, but the Clinton campaign declined to do so and has not provided a reason or explanation as to why they are not seeking the endorsement of the FOP.  This lack of response came in spite of repeated requests and reminders both in writing and by telephone. 

Each lodge’s preference will be forwarded to NY National Trustee Mike Nied who will compile the results based on the majority vote of all responding NY lodges. Trustee Nied will then bring the decision of the NY lodges to the Fall National Board of Trustees meeting, where a vote will be taken based upon the decisions of all of the states. 

Please respond back with your choice of one of the following 3 options:

1) Endorse Hillary Clinton

2) Endorse Donald Trump

3) No endorsement of either candidate

Your e-mail responses are due back no later than August 27thso that our lodge may compile the results and report our lodge’s preference to our State Lodge VP.

Our lodge’s vote is based on the majority of our responding members.  

Florence Coen-Lahoz
NY Lodge 046


  1. No endorsement of either candidate.
    Vote Independent. Green ticket.

    Write in the name of the candidate even if their not on the ballot.

    Go Bernie! Go Bloomberg!

  2. 3) No endorsement of either candidate

  3. Endorse Donald Trump

    • Endorse Hillary Clinton

  4. Clinton

  5. No endorsement of either candidate

  6. No official endorsement of either candidate.

  7. No endorsement of either candidate

  8. Trump

  9. Clinton.. Trump is nuts and too erratic!!

  10. Trump

  11. Trump

  12. TRUMP

  13. Endorse Donald Trump. Clinton is anti law enforcement.

  14. Endorse donald trump

  15. Endorse Hillary Clinton

  16. Donald Trump

  17. Endorse Donald Trump
    Especially since the corrupt, anti-police Clinton machine I’d not seeking the FOP’s endorsement